Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Topic cluster "Life in Transformation: Food, Resources and Minds"

The challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and natural resource scarcity require nothing less than a fundamental transformation of life in its societal context. Sustainable land use and sustainable agri-food systems are seen as crucial elements contributing to addressing this. In many cases, however, these processes touch deeply rooted individual and collective norms, routines and attitudes, which is why a change in consciousness is required as well. Understanding and managing sustainable transformation processes demands a comprehensive knowledge of food, resources and minds, and thus an interdisciplinary approach from many different research disciplines. 

The thematic cluster "Life in Transformation" aims to establish a scientific network of junior researchers at the Faculty of Life Sciences (and beyond) working on transformation processes towards sustainable land use and sustainable agricultural and food systems. By creating an inspiring framework, including e.g. the organisation of events, lectures or field trips, we bring together different academic perspectives, such as agricultural economics, environmental sciences, biology, social sciences, psychology, gender studies and many more. The cluster can and should thus create the basis for future scientific and transdisciplinary collaborations.

The members of the cluster meet regularly every two months in a virtual lecture series. For more information, please contact us via e-mail or subscribe to the mailing list (blank mail). 


Organisation and contact: 

Pascal Grohmann (Agricultural and Food Policy Group, Thaer-Institute)

Katrin Martens (Berlin Institute of Cooperative Studies)

Suse Brettin (Division Gender and Globalisation, Thaer-Institute)

Meike Fienitz (Economics and Politics of Rural Areas, Thaer-Institute)

Wiebke Nowack (International Agricultural Trade and Development Group, Thaer-Institute)




Call for participation: Seminar "Zukunftsfähige Landnutzungssysteme – Transformationsprozesse und Zielvorstellungen" (available only in German)

Bewerbungsfrist: 20. Februar 2023
Seminarzeitraum: 24.-27 Mai 2023

Die Vereinigung für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung veranstaltet gemeinsam mit dem Themencluster „Life in Transformation: Food, Resources and Minds" der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin vom 24.-27 Mai 2023 das VÖW-Seminar „Zukunftsfähige Landnutzungssysteme – Transformationsprozesse und Zielvorstellungen" im Umweltbildungszentrum Berlin.

Der Call for Participation dazu ist ab sofort geöffnet: VÖW-Seminar_Call_2023