Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

BioXY modules

Only for B.Sc. Biology mono 20/2015: Students in this degree programme complete a BioXY module (10 credit points) as part of their specialised electives (specialisation), which is included in the calculation of their final grade. In the catalogue of interdisciplinary electives (ÜWP), a further BioXY module (10 credit points) must be added. Credits from the ÜWP are not included in the calculation of the final grade. If the grade for the BioXY module from the ÜWP is better than the grade from the BioXY module from the catalogue of specialised electives, then students can submit an informal, written application to the Biology Examination Office (also by email from their HU account) to have these two modules transferred. This application can only be made once. If several applications are received, only the earliest application will be accepted.