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Fig.: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - SALSA School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof

"Make & Measure in Analytical Sciences"

SALSA Summer University 2017




  • In this year's SALSA Summer University, we want to initiate a debate about Make & Measure.
  • Make and Measure is a major guiding theme in the area of Analytical Sciences and in SALSA as well. Specifically, it is a prerequisite for understanding the function and dynamics of complex systems in chemistry, biology and materials sciences on the atomic and molecular scale. A synergistic and interdisciplinary integration of making new selective and sensitive chemical structures and designing new instruments and principles to measure will advance our comprehension of chemical systems, and their changes. In their work, analytical scientists, amongst them many of SALSA’s fellows, have been working on making measurable what has not been before e.g., by designing new sensing structures and probes. Being able to combine different synthesis and detection approaches and to comprehend the underlying physico-chemical principles will help to solve future problems in many areas, such as biodiagnostics, proteomics, and chemical imaging.



  • The SALSA Summer University 2017 is being held on the university’s science campus Adlershof. The Summer University is scheduled during September 2017, starting on Tuesday 19th and ending on Thursday 21th.
  • Lectures that focus on "Make and Measure in Analytical Sciences" will be presented by distinguished scientists on 3 conference days and are open to the public.
  • The lectures are preceded by discussions of different workgroups of SALSA fellows and invited researchers, who will develop problem-solving approaches in the research fields of the invited lecturers.


Parts of the scientific program open to the public

All afternoon Lectures are open to the public.