Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - European Literatures

Structure of the course

In the course of this master’s programme 120 study points (SP) need to be obtained.
The course is divided in the following parts:

Modules 1 – 4 (each module 10 SP) focusing on various periods of literary history:

  • Ancient Literature
  • Medieval/Early Modern Literature
  • Modern Literature I
  • Modern Literature II

They provide a broad, exemplary insight into the European national literatures from their beginnings in the antiquity until the very present. The modules can be chosen out of the fields of German Literature, English Literature, Romance philology, Slavonic studies and Scandinavian Studies as well as Greek and Latin Literature. The last two modules should be taken in the area of the Modern Literature (at least one of them needs to deal with literature of the 20th and 21st century). In these modules the students usually have the possibility to work with translations of the original texts.

Modules 5 – 8 (each module 10 SP) focusing on systematic and theoretic approaches to literature:

  • History and theory of genres
  • Text and knowledge
  • Text and media
  • Literary theory and aesthetics

At this point the students have the option to choose seminars in the field of Hungarian literature, in addition to the already mentioned literatures. These modules usually deal with texts in the original languages.

Over the course of your studies you have to attend courses from at least three different national literatures.

Module 9 (10 SP) is the practice-oriented module called “Literature and cultural praxis”.

The master thesis (30 SP) can deal either with a question concerning one single national literature or it can address a topic in a comparative way (dealing with two or more literatures).

For further information, consult the study and examination regulations (pdf).