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Due to the ongoing pandemic, all personal contact hours have been suspended. Please read the information provided on this page and consult the Corona updates (link on the right). If you cannot find the information you need, please send me an email






Corona Updates

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Examinations in Mathematics, summer semester 2021

Examination schedule Mathematics (pdf)


Examinations in Computer Sciences, summer semester 2021

Written examinations (pdf)

Oral Examinations (pdf)

Registration is expected to start on June 6th.


Information on exam registration and withdrawal (pdf)




Datei PDF document Application for approval and assignment of a thesis topic.pdf

Datei PDF document Application for extension of the deadline

Datei PDF document Certificate of achievement / attendance.pdf

Datei PDF document Course credit recognition form (GEO, CS, MAT, PHY)

Datei PDF document Notification of illness

Datei PDF document Registration for module examination.pdf

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