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Upcoming training opportunities for postdocs

We are aiming to provide a variety of career-oriented workshops and activities. Please contact us if you have ideas or requests for specific trainings!



Workshop „My academic career: Strategic planning“

Trainer: Dr. Christiane Kasack


What is required to attain a professorship in my field? Where am I at, what do I still need and how could I get there?


If you are working towards an academic career, you will benefit from a thorough analysis of your current portfolio. In this workshop, you will not only learn about the requirements to become a professor in general, but you will analyse your profile with a view to the requirements in your field, through a comparison with relevant role models. You will evaluate your current competencies and determine your key career values. We will widen our perspective to take your whole life into account, to ensure that your career goals resonate with you. In the afternoon, you will create an individual plan towards professorship in your field, and you will receive feedback on it from your peers. The focus of this workshop is on the application of information on academic careers to your own situation.


The 1-day online workshop will be followed up by one voluntary group coaching session, giving you the opportunity to come back with new questions after a time of application.


Register by sending an e-mail to:



Workshop „Reach Goals Together: Leadership beyond Hierarchy

Trainer: Dr. Christiane Kasack


Do you have to rely on the cooperation of others to reach your goals? Would your work stand to benefit from reliable collaboration?


If you are in a position in which you cannot depend on your hierarchical power and need to coordinate the efforts of others, you will profit from learning about leading beyond the power of hierarchy. Typically, a project leader who coordinates colleagues exerts such “lateral leadership”. In the scientific system, there are many who manage others but do not have a disciplinary function, for instance mentoring Master’s or PhD students. This work-shop will also be of use for you, if you rely on contributions and the cooperation of others, while having no power to oblige them into collaboration – in co-authoring or in collaboration projects.


In this workshop, we will explore the analytical and communicative tools lateral leaders can employ. You will apply these directly to your professional situation, in hands-on exercises. You will learn from the other workshop participants in peer work. You will learn how to give feedback and how to communicate expectations and delegate. The workshop focuses on self-reflection and training of communication. We will use the discussion of roles and your experience with communication to reflect biases, drawing on the diversity of the group itself. After the workshop, you will have reflected your leadership position and you will have a much clearer sense of how you can employ leadership tools in that position.


The 1-day online workshop will be followed up by two voluntary group coaching sessions, giving you the oppor-tunity to come back with new questions after a time of application.


Register by sending an e-mail to:


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