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Upcoming training opportunities for postdocs

We provide a variety of career-oriented workshops and activities. Please contact us if you have ideas or requests for specific trainings!



09.04.2024 New date: 02.05.2024 (online)

9.30-17h, Humboldt Kabinett, Adlershof

9.00-14.00, ONLINE

Third-party funding: preparing your application

Workshop with Dr Neela Enke, Scienza

Please note: this training is booked out, but you can sign up for the waiting list and will be notified if a free place is available.

The workshop aims to prepare the participants for the independent acquisition of third-party funding.
First of all, the workshop provides the applicants with an overview of the most important (national and European) funding agencies and schemes in regard to their current career stage. It also explores strategies how to find a fitting funding program.
The participants are also taught the basics of application design by addressing the following questions, among others: Which parts does a proposal consists of? Who reads the proposal? How do
I establish a connection between my project and the funding program?
Common review procedures and evaluation criteria will be presented, and insights into formal and
informal aspects of the review process will be provided. Success factors and strategies in the
application process will be presented and the handling of rejected applications will be discussed.

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16.00- 17.30h, Online

Mental health in academia

Seminar and facilitated discussion with Olya Vvedenskaya from Dragonfly

There are many misconceptions about psychiatric disease: what causes it, who is at risk, and how it manifests. Increasingly, we are understanding how common these misconceptions are in academia. “A Scientist’s Primer on Mental Health” is a seminar and facilitated discussion which delivers the basics of mental health at a level that academics appreciate. Are early career researchers at higher risk of developing mental health issues compared to the general population? How to recognize typical signs and symptoms? What are the most common issues? Join the seminar to learn more about this essential topic.

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14-15.30h, Adlershof (room tba)

Impostor syndrome in academia: Am I competent … or just lucky?

Seminar and facilitated discussion with Olya Vvedenskaya from Dragonfly

Have you ever felt as if you are not as capable as people think you are? Have you felt like a fraud about to be uncovered? Welcome to “Impostor syndrome”: often experienced by high-achieving individuals who, despite their objective successes, fail to internalize their accomplishments and have persistent self-doubt and fear of being exposed as a fraud or imposter.

Join our seminar to understand better what Impostor syndrome is and learn how to deal with it in your daily work and life.

What People are Saying

“I have always felt like I am the only overachiever in the world, and now I see that

there are other people managing to live happy lives despite imposter syndrome.”

“It felt great to share my fears with the peers and see that the most experienced of

them have the same imposter issues!”

"I can be sufficient to do my job. Some skills I will get, some I will lose, somewhere I will sink, and somewhere I may be better than others.”

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13 -17.30 h, Humboldt Kabinett, Adlershof

Smart work in academia. How to Work with More Focus, Energy and
Clarity on What Matters Most

Workshop with Stephan Pfob, Berlin Alley


The demands of research and collaboration often seem crushing. To thrive in this environment, it is
essential to work in a smart way: to manage our focus and our energies efficiently and to handle goals, roles and expectations with calm. But what are the best practices to achieve this smart way of working?
This compact, research-based workshop provides insights and methods to work in a productive
and sustainable way. It is targeted at postdocs but open for graduate students as well. In addition to individual practices, the workshop also helps to set up structures that support students and colleagues to work more efficiently. The concepts and methods are illustrated with examples of highly productive researchers, leaders and creatives. The participants will be given the opportunity to share their best practices, find answers to their specific questions and receive guides, tools and other helpful material after the event.

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Trainings offered by the Berlin University Alliance (open to all HU Postdocs)



For more postdoc training opportunities please visit the websites of the Humboldt Graduate School and the Berlin University Alliance.




Our past trainings

Fit for third party funding? Opportunities and programmes after the PhD (04.03.2024)

Infosession with Dr. Valerie Popp and Ravi Somaratne, Research Advisors at Research Service Centre, HU Berlin


Ready to apply? (27.10., 06.12.2023 and 05.02.2024)

A 3 day workshop with Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf


Make diversity a plus: How to develop diversity sensitive leadership skills in academia (17.11.2023)

Short workshop with Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf

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Prepared for leadership: Self- and stakeholder management (28.-29.09.2023)

2-day workshop with Dr. Christiane Kasack

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Leading your own team (08.06.2023 & 15.06.2023)

A workshop with Dr. Christiane Kasack

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