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Upcoming training opportunities for postdocs

We provide a variety of career-oriented workshops and activities. Please contact us if you have ideas or requests for specific trainings!



28.09.2023 - 29.09.2023

Prepared for leadership: Self- and stakeholder management

2-day workshop with Dr. Christiane Kasack

In the post-doc phase, much of your work is project work and you are assuming an increasingly leading role in your projects. This workshop prepares you for leadership positions by improving how you lead yourself and your projects. Work in the seminar will help you to organize yourself better, by reflecting your work style based on resilience and by suggesting tools for self-management. We address planning work, priorities, and how to include self-care in your work habits. We focus on dealing with people and groups of people who are affected by your work or have an interest in influencing its process and results.

After the workshop, you will have reflected on the process of your work. You will have learned how to write more useful to-do lists and how to set priorities better. You will ahve defined the stakeholders in your most important project and the next steps on how you want to act in your position.

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Date: 28./29.09.2023, 09:30-16:30 h

Location: Späth-Arboretum, HU Berlin, Späthstraße 80/81, 12437 Berlin

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27.10.2023 - 23.01.2024

Ready to apply?

3-day workshop series with Dr. Martin Schwarzkopf


Part 1: Faculty recruitment for professorship in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Date: 27.10.2023, 09:30-16:30 h

Location: Online

Part 2: How to write your application for Professorship

Date: 06.12.2023, 09:30-16:30 h

Location: HU-Kabinett, Adlershof

Part 3: How to prepare and do the hearing for professorship

Date: 23.01.2024, 09:30-16:30 h

Location: HU-Kabinett, Adlershof


In this workshop series, you will acquire knowledge about the essential requirements necessary for applying to different types of professorships in Germany. We will delve into the individual stages of the selection process for professors in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, also known as "Berufungsverfahren". You will receive comprehensive information on the written application and the hearing components, providing you with a detailed understanding of the entire process.

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Make diversity a plus: How to develop diversity sensitive leadership skills in academia

Short workshop with Dr. Martin Schwarzkopf

Time: 17.11.2023, 10:00-12:00 h

Location: Online


In this brief introduction to diversity sensitive and enabling leadership skills we talk about:

  • What is diversity – different aspects of diversity.
  • How can diversity be of advantage for teams in science?
  • What are requirements to develop a positive diversity in teams? And what can you do as head of a diverse team?
  • What are limits of diversity in a research team? How to see risks early enough and what to do about them?

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Take also advantage of the postdoc training offered by the Humboldt Graduate School and the Berlin University Alliance.



Our past trainings


Leading your own team (two days)

A workshop with Dr. Christiane Kasack (08.06.2023 & 15.06.2023)

The main objective of this workshop series is to prepare advanced postdocs to take on their first leadership position by building and leading their own research team. The participants reflect on their experiences with being led and their own lateral leadership and identify typical team processes from their previous team work. They are encouraged in their desire for "good" leadership and learn how to implement it.

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