Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Professorial teaching qualification

  1. Please get in touch with the Academic Affairs unit in good time and inform them of your plans. The professorial teaching qualification regulations requires you to register two semesters before beginning the examination process and specify a supervisor within the faculty.
  2. You must submit the application for admission to the professorial teaching qualification process to the dean. For the specific process and the documentation required, please consult the professorial teaching qualification regulations (see below).
  3. The dean will ask the relevant department for a statement and a proposal for the composition of the professorial teaching qualification committee.
  4. The dean will apply to initiate the procedure and appoint the professorial teaching qualification committee. The faculty committee is responsible for finalising the process.
  5. The professorial teaching qualification committee appointed by the faculty committee manages the process. It:
  • Obtains an assessment report for written work
  • Prepares an assessment report for didactive achievements - the committee members either sit in on a lecture or organise a public demonstration lecture
  • Organises and evaluates a public academic lecture and academic expert discussion
  • Produces an overall assessment report

The faculty committee discusses and makes a decision about each of these steps.

  1. The professorial teaching qualification committee applies to the faculty committee to grant the teaching qualification
  2. Once the professorial teaching qualification candidate has met the publication requirement, the dean will certify the process.


The candidate may then be awarded authorisation to teach (private lectureship) at the Faculty, as required. Further information may be found on the site of the HR department.


Your contact: Dr. Susanne Pocai


Please submit your habilitation thesis and the application documents in advance as separate e-mail attachments, each in a single PDF.

We also require the documents for registering the intention to habilitate in advance as single PDF.

Please send your paper documents to our postal address.


Currently valid professorial teaching qualification regulations:

Faculty of Life Sciences professional teaching qualification regulations (20/2016) dated 21st March 2016