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Essential-Only Mode

Please plan in more time than usual with all procedures. Please contact the Office for Doctoral Affairs by phone ( 030/ 2093-70509 ) or email.

Doctoral affairs at the Faculty of Humanities


Defense [01.04.2021]
Defenses will take place. The Office for Doctoral Affairs will inform the doctoral candidate and the Committee about the specifics on opening the procedures.


Display [01.04.2021]

There is the opportunity for electronic display fom April 14th, 2020 onwards. The doctoral candidate needs to give her/his explicit approval in order to use the format. Please draw up an informal letter and send it to the Office for Doctoral Affairs via email. The theses and reviews will be uploaded to HU-Box. They can be viewed on request. Access will be granted by the Office for Doctoral Affairs by request from an email sent from a HU Account. The documents in HU Box can be viewed, but not downloaded, and are secured by a password which the Office for Doctoral Affairs will send to you in a separate email. The documents will be deleted from HU Box once the display is over. 


Prolongation of the duration of study (Re-enrolment) [01.04.2021]

Please have a look at organizing your doctoral studies for information on the prolongation of the period of study.


Admission [01.04.2021]

1. Please send all scanned documents to Signatures may be carried out digitally.


2. The Office for Doctoral Affairs will check that your documents are complete.


3. Afterwards, the Office for Doctoral Affairs will contact you and ask you to send in certfied copies of your Bachelor's and Master's certficates and diplomas as well as signed copies of your application for admission and the supervision agreement by post. Due to the essential-only mode, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin cannot certify documents at the moment. Bürgerämter, many health insurance providers, many church institutions and notaries are all among the service providers who can certify documents at the moment.


4. The Office for Doctoral Affairs will forward the letter of admission digitally to the doctoral students as well as in the original by post after a short while.


5. Please contact the Enrolmet Office for all questions regarding the mandatory enrolment after your admission. 


Handing in your thesis and opening the doctoral examination procedures [01.04.2021]

1. Please make an appointment by email to consult with the Office for Doctoral Affairs via phone or zoom before sending in any documents.

2. Please send all documents by email and by post.

3. All questions on the procedures can be adressed during the consultation.



Further offers during the pandemic:


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many researchers. The Berlin Institute of Health at Charité has developed guidelines for early-career-researchers to support mental health directed at early-career-researchers as well as supervisors.