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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AGNES?
    On AGNES you find the whole course catalogue (a detailed list with all the offered seminars and lectures for each term). Furthermore you can look up information concerning the professors, their office hours, in which rooms the courses take place as well as timetables and study plans. On AGNES you can also register for courses and exams. You can find more information on AGNES in the leaflet with information for current students (pdf).
  • Do I have to register online for the seminars?
    Most seminars require an online registration beforehand. You can see online on AGNES if the registration is obligatory or not. You can also find all the details about how to register online (see course registration).
  • Do I have to complete all the modules in the numeric order?
    No, you can choose the order in which you wish to complete the modules. However one module should be completed within three semesters. Already in the first semester you can register for seminars form all nine modules. You find more details about the different modules in the study and examination regulations (pdf).
  • What is Moodle?
    Moodle is an online learning platform. Whereas AGNES is used for the organisation of the courses and general information, you can obtain detailed information on the content of particular seminars on Moodle. If and how the lecturers use the options of Moodle can vary in each seminar. However, nearly all seminars work with the Moodle system. If you wish to take a certain seminar, you join the Moodle-group of the seminar with a password (which you will receive in the first session of the seminar). During the term you can use Moodle for example to download texts and documents as well as take part in discussions. You can find further information on Moodle in the leaflet with information for current students (pdf).
  • What is an „Arbeitsnachweis“?
    You will need a signed „Arbeitsnachweis“ for each seminar you take to certify the completion of the seminar. This is also needed in those seminars in which you take an exam/MAP (This can be in the form of writing a paper, a take-home-exam, a presentation, an oral or written exam). The „Arbeitsnachweis“ is a form which the professor of the seminar will sign at the end of the term in the last session, if you completed all the necessary tasks for that seminar. At the end of each term you should hand your “Arbeitsnachweise” in at the registrar's office (Frau Langhoff).
  • How do I register for an exam/a MAP („Modulabschlussprüfung“)?
    At the end of each seminar you have the possibility to take an exam/a MAP. Depending on the module in which you wish to take the exam, it will need to be absolved as an oral or written exam, a term paper, a take-home-exam or an oral presentation. You can find the details about the different forms of exams corresponding to the different modules in the study and examination regulations (pdf).
    For each MAP you have to register beforehand via AGNES. You can find more information on how to register for exams online (see registration for exams).
  • How do I register for the master`s thesis?
    For registering for the master`s thesis it is necessary to have aquired 70 study points out of seven completed modules. A module counts as successfully completed if you successfully completed two seminars in that module ("Arbeitsnachweis" obligatory) and passed an exam (MAP) in one of the seminars.
    Before registering for the thesis, you will need to consult two professors who agree to supervise and evaluate your thesis. Both your chosen examiners need to be habilitated. As soon as the title of your thesis is certain, you can let your first and second examiner sign the filled out form for registering a master`s thesis (pdf). With this signed form you can register for the thesis at the registrar's office with Frau Langhoff.
  • Is it possible to study abroad in the course of the master`s programme?
    Yes, it is possible to study at an exchange university for one or two terms. Online you will find more information on the possibility to study abroad and how to organise your stay (see studying abroad).
  • What is a Learning Agreement?
    A "Learning Agreement" (pdf) is an agreement between you, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the exchange university. In this agreement you need to list the courses you wish to take during your semester abroad. The Learning Agreement states which seminars at the exchange university count for which modules at the HU.  You will find more information on the Learning Agreement online (see studying abroad).