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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - European Literatures


Mentioned below are the most important contact persons for the students of the master`s programme European Literatures, each one with a short description about their area of responsibility.

Professor (in authority of the master`s programme European Literatures)

(Learning Agreements for studying abroad can only be discussed during the term period)

Prof. Dr. Mark-Georg Dehrmann

Dorotheenstraße 24, Room 3530
Tel.: (030) 2093 9695

Office Hours: Monday 3pm-5pm

Student Advisory Service / Course Guidance

(Basic information for prospective students, questions concerning the course catalogue and the course of the studies)

Dr. Svetlana Efimova
Dorotheenstraße 24
Room 3.527
Tel.: (030) 2093-9700
Office Hours: Thursday 2-3pm (Please send an e-mail beforehand including the issue)

Registrar's Office

(Handing in “Arbeitsnachweise”, registering for the master`s thesis)

Beatrice Langhoff
Dorotheenstr. 65, Room 4.66
Tel.: (030) 2093-5167

Coordinator for International Affairs

(Planning your studies abroad)

Stephanie Trigoudis, M.A.
Dorotheenstr. 24, Room 3.411
Tel.: (030) 2093 9798
Office Hours: Thursday 1pm – 3pm (and individual appointments)

Head of Teaching and Studies at the Phil. Fak. II

(General questions concerning studying at the “Philosophische Faktultät II”)

Dr. Barbara Gollmer
Dorotheenstr. 24, Room 3.205
Tel.: (030) 2093 9606
Office Hours: Thursday 11am -1pm (also during the term  break)

Student Assistant

(Responsible for the website and teaching assistance)

Gregor Bauer
Unter den Linden 6, Room 3010