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Information for Prospective Students

The master’s programme European Literatures is an interdepartmental master’s degree course, which imparts knowledge in the field of European literature in its historic dimension and its national diversity. The focus on the historic aspect is complemented by a systematical theoretical component, by which the view on literature is expanded beyond textual expressions to other fields of media and arts. Thus the students acquire a broad and differentiated notion of the literatures of Europe from their beginnings till the very present.

The master’s degree course takes systematically into account how the foundations of the European literatures was laid in the ancient world. At the same time the course also considers the differentiation of the modern national literatures, as well as the non-European literatures, which stay connected to them by its language and its aesthetic norms. Finally the master’s programme deals with the interaction between literature and other forms and media of cultural praxis.

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The departments of English and German philology, classical philology, Romance philology, Scandinavian Studies and Slavonic Studies all participate in the master’s programme European Literatures. On the websites of the respective departments you can find information about research projects as well as the lecturers and their research focuses: