Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - European Literatures

Studying abroad

Students of the master’s programme European Literatures have the possibility to study one or two terms at a university in a foreign country. The application deadline is usually the 31st of January of the current academic year for the coming academic year. For further information about studying abroad please contact Stephanie Trigoudis, the coordinator for international affairs at the Philosophische Fakultät II.

Stephanie Trigoudis
Dorotheenstr. 24, Room 3.411
Tel.: (030) 2093 9798
Office hours: Thursday 1pm -3pm (and individual appointments)

On the website of the International Office of the Philosophische Fakultät II you can also find more information concerning the organisation of a semester abroad.

Learning Agreement

This document confirms your choice of courses that are to be completed at your exchange university. Before formulating a Learning Agreement (Word-document) for your semester abroad, you therefore need to inform yourself about the course catalogue and study options at your chosen university. Please create a plan with the seminars and/or lectures you wish to take during your semester abroad. Consider beforehand which courses at your exchange university could be integrated into the system of module (modules 1-9) in the master`s programme at your home university so that a transfer of study points can be granted.
Once you have drawn up your Learning Agreement, you have to consult Prof. Verena Lobsien during her office hours (after having made an appointment) and discuss the Learning Agreement with her. If no changes are necessary, Prof. Lobsien will confirm the Learning Agreement.