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Registration for exams

You are required to register for all exams (be it a term paper, and written or oral exam, a presentation or a take-home exam) online via AGNES. At the begin of your studies you will receive a TAN-list. This list is needed for all relevant activities on the AGNES website. Here you can register and unregister for exams as well as access your grades online and change your contact details. As soon as the results of your exams are available, you can check them  on AGNES under „Leistungsübersicht“ (or „Grade Overview“ in the English version).

Please mark the deadlines for the registration (see news)!

Registration for exams step by step:
  1. Login: Login to AGNES with your HU-Account.
  2. Click on „Apply for Exams“ (or “Prüfungsan- und abmeldung”) on the left side, read the information and confirm with a TAN-number.
  3. Select the seminar in which you want to take the exam. Confirm your registration with a TAN-number.
  4. Check in the list for which exams you are registered.

You can find further information about the different forms of exams in the study and examination regulations (pdf).