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Campus Club Adlershof

The Adlershof Science and Technology Park offers an excellent location for research and work. However, there is no regular exchange between students, researchers, employees and entrepreneurs yet. The Campus Club Adlershof aims to close this gap: stakeholders from science, research and business will meet there regularly, engage in an interactive exchange and form a lively community.

The Campus Club Adlershof aims to establish an open, flexible setting that unleashes innovation, promotes diversity and talent and makes a sustainable contribution to the development of the science and technology location.

The Campus Club Adlershof is a joint collaboration between the Center for Career Development Adlershof and WISTA Management.




09.07.2024, 16:00-17:30
Future talks! "Pioneering Sustainable Science"


Globalization brings us all closer together and modern communication allows a free flow of information around the world. However, while talent is distributed equally around the globe, chances and opportunities are not. We face disintegration, national self-interest, and in parts a breaking apart of international cooperation. Here we will try to illustrate how networks of research facilities bring together a very diverse international scientific community where the mission of the advancement in science is finely intermixed with a firm societal commitment. The importance of international collaboration as a peace-keeping and societal waypaving vehicle is illustrated in the project “Lightsources Meet Their Responsibility" and illustrated by scientific as well as science diplomacy related projects. Large scale facilities have always been multi-disciplinary, multi-national melting pots and are therefore the perfect crucible for this task. They are often the crystal nucleus for political and societal cooperations and the source point for international activities, for interdisciplinary work and for global teamwork.


Dr. Antje Vollmer, Facility Speaker BESSY II and Head of User Coordination and Technical User Support