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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - International Office

Final Thesis

If you want to write your final thesis abroad, there are several possibilities.

Sponsered by ERASMUS+ you can write your thesis while doing an Erasmus+ exchange abroad. Therefore, you need a supervisor on-site. The online application is the same as for a semester exchange (deadline 31st January every year). The application will be linked on the Erasmus+ site. Instead of doing 25-30 ECTS in modules, you will write your thesis and maybe do 1-2 modules during the semester abroad. In the end your supervisor at the university abroad needs to attest you that you did x ECTS points for your thesis abroad. If you have questions regarding this write an email to mnfinter@hu-berlin.de.

Another great possibility is appliying for a PROMOS scolarship to finance your study stay abroad.