Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - SALSA School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof


January 25, 2023

New SALSA call for short term research projects on "Interfaces"

Until 17 March, 2023, SALSA will be accepting short-term research grants to support collaborative projects to be carried out by junior (doctoral and postdoctoral) researchers in the area of “Make and Measure” based at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU). The projects must foster collaboration between the departments of HU as well as with other universities and research institutions. The junior researchers will be associated fellows of SALSA.

The thematic focus of this call is on interfaces in a very broad sense. Topics may include, for example,
• the study and advanced characterization of interfaces in biological and materials chemistry
• the development of methods that deliver new information or provide improved spatial or temporal resolution from interfaces
• novel reaction spaces involving interfaces, reaction compartments or chemical reactions under confinement
• the preparation and modification of surfaces and interfaces for analytical applications
• new theoretical or computational approaches for addressing the topics above.

Details here