Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Completing the doctor’s thesis


Discuss with your academic adviser whether you will produce a monograph or a cumulative doctor’s thesis (includes at least one published or submitted paper).

Should you plan a cumulative doctoral examination, please follow the general regulations of the Faculty according to the cumulative doctoral examination process overview.

Subject-specific regulations for the cumulative doctoral examination process:

Regulations Department of Chemistry

Regulations Department of Computer Science

Regulations Department of Physics

Regulations Department of Geography

For the Department of Mathematics, the general regulations of the Faculty apply.


If parts of your doctor’s thesis are co-authored, you must submit a declaration of your own contribution that has been signed by all co-authors. This applies both to monograph and cumulative doctor’s thesis.

The PhD Regulations contain various options for publication. Electronic publication requires the doctor’s thesis to use a particular document template from the beginning:
Legal questions
Please clarify all legal questions relating to publication yourself before writing your doctor’s thesis. The Doctoral Office does not offer legal advice.