Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Admission to the doctoral examination process



University degrees based on a minimum of eight semesters of accredited university studies and completed with a final research dissertation (generally a Diplom, Magister or master’s degree).

Finding an academic adviser


Look for an academic adviser from among the faculty’s professors or academics with postdoctoral degrees. Visit the department websites for an overview. The academic adviser signs the application for admission and offers advice on a suitable specialisation for your doctoral subject.

Application for admission



Please hand in your application for admission (please do not print double-sided!) signed by your supervisor.

Please note that some Departments have specific regulations concerning the admission. The relevant document can be found in Forms, notes and information.

Copy of your ID-Card or Passport



Please submit a copy of your Passport or ID-Card additionally.

Certificates and transcripts



With your application for admission please bring the certificates and transcripts of all your degrees (e.g. BA and MA) as certified copies or the original with a simple copy.

International degrees - confirmation of equivalence



Please note that only documents in English or German can be accepted, it might be necessary to get an official translation of your documents. To make sure that your degrees are equivalent to a german University's Master degree we need a confirmation of equivalence. If you already have such a confirmation please hand it in with your application and the certificates and transcripts. If you do not have a confirmation of equivalence we will forward your documents to the relevant department. Your application can only be processed if we have this confirmation.

Notification of admission


The Doctoral Office will review your application. Following approval from the department and the Doctoral Degrees Committee, you will receive notification of admission from the Doctoral Office. Your notarised certificates, certificate of equivalence and a copy of the notification of admission will remain in the Doctoral Office for your subsequent doctoral examination process and will not be forwarded to the university Admissions Office.
Your four-year period of doctoral studies officially begins on the date of your notification of admission.

Enrollment/ Registration


Within four weeks after the admission to doctoral studies you must enrol as a doctoral student. If you are employed at HU, you may choose between enrollment and registration. You must remain enrolled/ registered until the doctoral examination process has begun.

The Enrollment Office for PhD Studies offers the required forms and provides FAQ for further information.