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Before the doctoral degree

In our faculty, you can undertake doctoral studies in the following subjects: Agricultural Sciences, Biology, Biophysics, Horticultural Sciences and Psychology.

You may only be admitted to a doctoral degree programme once you have found (usually) two supervisors for your research project.

If you have already received confirmation from your supervisors, you can go straight to the doctoral study admissions webpage. Or you can find out more about the opportunities offered by the Graduate Centre Life Sciences to accompany your research project.

In case you are still looking for supervisors, you can find out about the research groups in the Faculty of Life Sciences.


In addition, the biannual Information Event "Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Life Sciences" informs about relevant issues on doing doctoral studies at our faculty.



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I am interested in a doctoral degree project


Find supervisors

• You can undertake doctoral studies in any subject represented by a member of the faculty.

• If you have not yet found a supervision for you doctoral research project, please contact the departments on the websites of the institutes in order to find out about faculty members and their subject areas.


Research groups

• As soon as you have found two faculty members who are able to offer you a research topic and who are prepared to supervise you, you may submit an application for admission to doctoral studies.


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Doctoral Candidates' Portal at the University


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Doctoral degree subjects

For admission to doctoral studies, the Faculty of Life Sciences' Doctoral Degree regulations of 10 October 2022 apply for all subjects.

Agricultural Sciences
(Dr. rer. agr. |  Ph. D. | Dr. rer. nat. under certain conditions)

Specialisation: Economics and Governance of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

(Dr. rer. nat. | Ph. D.)

Specialisation: Biochemistry, Botany, Didactics of Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Ecology, Paleontology, Parasitology, Plant Physiology, Theoretical Biology, Animal Physiology, Behavioral Biology, Cell Biology, Zoology

Please consult your supervisors for advice on the choice of specialism.


(Dr. rer. nat. | Ph. D.)

Specialisation: Experimental Biophysics, Theoretical Biophysics

Please consult your supervisors for advice on the choice of specialism.


Horticultural Sciences
(Dr. rer. hort. |  Ph. D.)


(Dr. rer. nat. | Ph. D.)


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