Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Frequently asked questions

Is an English test compulsory?
No, if the supervisor agrees, the language level will be deemed adequate.

I have not yet received my master’s transcript, can I still submit an application for admission?

In the event that the master’s degree was obtained at a German university, please send as a provisional confirmation from the examination office. This is not possible for foreign degrees, as we are only able to verify the equivalence of the degree once we have received all the relevant documentation.

Does the thesis have to be printed double-sided and bound?
Please consult your supervisor as to what the usual procedure is in your research group. The currently applicable doctoral degree regulations do not include any formal guidelines.

As a doctoral student, do I need to pay for the Semesterticket even if I do not wish to make use of it?
No, you may claim exemption from the Semesterticket as a doctoral student, so that the fee does not have to be paid. The Student Service Centre must be notified of this.

Do I need to submit five bound copies of my thesis?
No, if there are only two examiners/reviewers on the committee, you must only submit four bound copies in total.

There are more members on my doctoral degree committee than spaces on the corresponding form ("Doctoral Degree Committee Proposal List”). How can I add the additional members?
Please list the additional members on a separate piece of paper (no additional form required).

Do I need to enrol even if I am not doing my doctoral studies directly at HU Berlin?
In general, you must enrol no matter which research group you are working in. In the event that you have an employment relationship with HU Berlin, you may enrol as normal or register for free. You must enrol as soon as your employment relationship with HU Berlin ends.