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Raman spectroscopy

A short introduction to Raman spectroscopy can be found on the Raman-microscopy website.


Thermo Fisher DXR SmartRaman Spectrometer

Photo: D. Pasche


Our Thermo Fisher DXR SmartRaman Spectrometer extends our Raman spectroscopy arsenal towards (non-microscopic) routine analysis of liquid and solid samples and provides:

  • laser wavelength: 780 nm (max. power 14 mW),
  • de-polarized laser to avoid crystal orientation effects in solid samples,
  • standard spectrometer grating offering a spectral range of 50…3300 cm-1 (nominal resolution 5 cm-1 peak FWHM),
  • edge filter enabling measurements down to 50 cm-1,
  • auto-alignment, auto-calibration, auto-intensity correction, …,
  • acquisition of Raman spectra almost as simple as with conventional cuvette spectrometers (UV-Vis, NIR),
  • measurements with a general sample holder for solid samples and cuvettes (tinkering needed) or specialized sample holders for NMR tubes and sample capillaries.