Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Topic cluster "Food & Democracy"

It’s clear that food and agriculture systems today face complex challenges which require integrated, innovative solutions from diverse scientific fields. However, it isn’t always easy to find opportunities for cross-sectoral dialog and collaboration. This is the driving force behind the new food democracy cluster for doctoral researchers at HU Life Sciences Faculty (and beyond). The goal is to bring together doctoral students with research interests across the food and agriculture sector from all angles- public policy, economics, production, biology, psychology, gender, health and many more. By creating an informal, ongoing setting for scientific exchange, we can get to know what other doctoral researchers are working on and pave the way for interesting collaborations. This will be done through hosting regular presentations, guest talks, field trips, industry networking drinks, research prizes, and other events that you would like to see happen. The Food & Democracy Cluster for doctoral research at Humboldt University, within the wider Berlin agrifood community, will create an open space for dialog.


The participants of the topic cluster meet regularly each month. More information on the cluster and events can be found on Moodle.


Organisation and contact:

Julia Dennis (Agriculture and Food Policy, Prof. Dr. Peter H. Feindt)

Thies Rasmus Popp (Agriculture and Food Policy, Prof. Dr. Peter H. Feindt)