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Course in biostatistics/ biometry at HU

During the work on the doctoral project, questions about the statistically valid planning of experiments and the analysis of the obtained results often arise. Here, regular courses on relevant topics within the study programmes at our Faculty as well as opportunities for consultation are announced.


The following courses and opportunities for consultation exist:





Einführung in SPSS 
(only in German, Berufliche Weiterbildung, ES002, 16.-20.04.2018 or 15.-19.10.2018)


Agricultural and horticultural sciences



Applied Data Analysis (in R)
(summer term, Prof. Dr. Matthias Ritter)

Biometrie und Versuchswesen
(winter term, Dr. Bärbel Kroschewski)

Econometrics (lecture and exercises in R)
(winter term, Prof. Dr. Matthias Ritter)

Einführung in die Statistiksoftware SAS zur Versuchsdatenanalyse
(summer term, Dr. Bärbel Kroschewski)


Opportunities for consultation

Dr. Bärbel Kroschewski (Nutztierzüchtung/ AG Biometrie und Versuchswesen)





(summer term, Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann and Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Herzel)


Opportunities for consultation

Please address your questions during the regular courses.





Methodenlehre I & II
(winter term & summer term, Prof. Dr. Manuel Völkle)


Opportunities for consultation

Methods Group Berlin