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30.05.2024 Webinar presentation for Nature Masterclasses On-demand

The Graduate Centre Life Sciences subscribed to Nature Masterclasses On-demand. Through this subscription, you have access to 22 online courses.
Join this 45-minute webinar presentation to make the most of your course access.
The presentation will show you how to how to create an account and access the courses, as well as how to track your progress and receive certificates.


Presentation agenda:

1. A brief welcome and introduction by the host at the institution
2. A brief introduction to Nature Masterclasses On-demand
3. Courses
4. How to create an account for the online course
5. How to navigate the course
6. How to complete lessons and modules, and track your progress
7. Q&A. A chance for researchers to ask questions


Please register for the webinar:
Registration for webinar presentation for Nature Masterclasses on-demand



About Nature Masterclasses On-demand:

Nature Masterclasses On-demand is a training service developed by Nature Research (publisher of Nature and Scientific American).
The online courses (to which you may have access via the Graduate Centre Life Sciences) are delivered by journal editors from Nature Research.