Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Doctoral student representatives

In order to enable an optimal range of courses and events offered by the Graduate Centre for doctoral students at the Faculty, the wishes of all doctoral students should be taken into account when preparing and organising new initiatives. In addition, wishes and problems of general interest should be able to be addressed and discussed.

This is ensured by way of elected doctoral student representatives. The doctoral student representatives function as the voice and mediator between doctoral students, the Graduate Centre coordinator and the Faculty Committee (represented by the Deputy Dean for Research and the group of academic staff on the Faculty Committee).

The doctoral students in each department of the Faculty are represented by two doctoral student representatives.


The current doctoral student representatives are:

Sarah Gräßle and Kimberly Hartl (Biology, Biophysics)

Emina Mesinovic and Jonas von Pfister (Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences)

Charlotte Meinke and Vivien Chopurian (Psychology)


If you have questions for the doctoral student representatives, please send them by E-mail to


We are in favour of the semester ticket for doctoral students!


Current statement from the doctoral student representatives on the semester ticket:

"From summer semester 2024, doctoral students will no longer be entitled to purchase the semester ticket. We strongly criticise the exclusion of doctoral students from the scope of the semester ticket and demand that every doctoral student must be entitled to a semester ticket again by the winter semester 2024/2025 at the latest!"

Open letter to the HU Presidential Board (in German)

Open letter to the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (in German)


There are also initiatives across Berlin and Brandenburg to maintain the semester ticket for doctoral students. Support them now by signing the following petition:

Petition "Against the exclusion of doctoral students from the Deutschlandsemesterticket" (in German)