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Examination Board

What is an Examination Board?

Pursuant to § 98 of the General Admission, Study and Examination Regulations of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (ZSP-HU), examination matters are organised by Examination Boards. They ensure an orderly examination procedure. The Examination Board responsible for a particular course of study is named in the subject-specific examination regulations. The Examination Boards at Humboldt-Universität consist of at least three university teachers, one academic staff member and one student. They do not meet in public. The members of the Examination Boards are responsible for compliance with the legal provisions applicable to examinations and must ensure that appropriate study and examination requirements are met.

What does the Examination Board decide on?

Among other things, an Examination Board decides on principles relating to examination matters, admission to the final thesis, appointment of examiners, invigilators and supervisors; compensation for disadvantages, recognition/transferal of credits, etc.

All applications to an Examination Board must be made in writing and submitted to the relevant Examination Office!

If you would like to see resolutions made by the Examination Board on specific topics, please contact your responsible Examination Office.


Members Biology and Biophysics

Prof. Richard Kempter (chair)

Prof. Christian Schmitz-Linneweber (deputy chair)

Prof. Marc Erhardt

Dr. Julia Heyd (research associate)

Bárbara Sánchez Viveros (student)

Members Agricultural and Horticultural Science

Prof. Tsu-Wei Chen (chair)

Prof. Marcel Robischon (deputy chair)

Prof. Tilman Brück

Dr. Martina Bandte (research associate)

Dr. Susanne von Bargen (dupty research associate)

Rahel Böhme (student)

Jeanette Stresow (deputy student)

Members Psychology

Prof. Manuel Völkle (chair)

Prof. Matthias Ziegler (deputy chair)

Prof. Ulrike Lüken

Dr. Andrea Ertle (research associate)

Ayla Paschen (student)

Mind and Brain

Prof. John-Dylan Haynes (chair)

Prof. Marcel Brass (deputy chair)

Prof. Dr. Michael Pauen

Dr. Matilde Rocca (research associate)

Leonardo Pettini (student)