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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

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Student counselling Agricultural and Horticultural Science

Student counselling Biology / Biophysics

Student counselling Psychology

Basic support in the search for a suitable subject can be found at esra, the study orientation tool of the HU Berlin.

There are about 5,000 students enrolled at the Faculty of Life Sciences. Our range of courses includes agricultural and horticultural sciences, biology/biophysics and psychology.

The life sciences deal with all structures and processes of a living being or in which living beings are involved. This includes the entire spectrum of life forms, from molecular building blocks to microbial, plant, animal and human organisms and their interactions with their living world and environment. Our bachelor's and master's programmes always deal with current scientific, technological and social topics.

Study offers

Counselling services

You can find the central advisory services of the HU Berlin here.

At the Faculty of Life Sciences, student counselling takes place directly in the institutes. Here, professors and research assistants advise you on all questions concerning the content of your course of study.

The student advisory service, offered by students for students, answers specific questions about the course of study, provides information about student life at the Faculty of Life Sciences and organizes first semester events and semester trips. You can find the contact to the respective student advisory service above, under "Study offers".

In the student councils (Agricultural/Horticultural Sciences, Biology/Biophysics, Psychology), students volunteer their time to support the higher education policy interests of students at the institute / faculty. In addition, the student councils are responsible for the organisation of first semester courses and semester trips. The student advisory services and the student councils work closely together.

Further offers from students for students can be found here.

The Erasmus advisors at the institutes (Agricultural/Horticultural Sciences, Biology/Biophysics, Psychology) advise students on studying abroad.

All questions on the subject of examinations are answered by the staff of the examination offices.