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Information For Your Mobility at HU

Overview of Important Deadlines of Winter Semester 2023/24


September 10:

Send us your Preliminary SprachLit Course Confirmation via e-mail (

October 11:

Deadline to register for classes on AGNES

October 16:

Start of Lecture Period

October 22:

Send us your Final SprachLit Course Confirmation

Approx. Beginning of January:

Register online for exams
February 17: End of Lecture Period
Approx. February 12-23: Exam Period (oral and written exams, Take-Home-Exams) 
As soon as possible after end of semester: upload your signed Arbeitsnachweise to receive your Transcript; send us your Certificate of Departure to sign 


Below you can find in chronological order information regarding your mobility and documents that you need to fill out. 

There are three important documents of which you will fill out different versions during your mobility:

  • Certificate of Arrival/Departure
  • Erasmus+ (Online) Learning Agreement
  • SprachLit Course Confirmation 

► You can find more information about these documents (templates, creation, submission etc.) on the page "At the Beginning" and "At the End".