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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Colloquia, symposia & retreats

The Graduate Centre mainly organises interdisciplinary colloquia which are advertised here. Selected departmental colloquia will also be indicated below. Information regarding other subject-specific courses and events is available on the webpages of our partner programmes.



Transdisciplinary Events


Lecture series Wissenschaft im Sauriersaal



Disciplinary Events


Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences




THESys Members Lecture

Public lectures at IRI THESys






Berlin Life Science Colloquium
ZIBI colloquia series


IRI Talks


ITB meeting
Institute for Theoretical Biology departmental seminar






To support scientific exchange among doctoral candidates of our Faculty, the Graduate Centre Life Sciences funds symposia, which are organized by doctoral candidates for fellow doctoral candidates with up to 3,000 € per symposium.

Moreover, the Graduate Centre supports doctoral students and supervisors when applying for external funding for events and gives advice on organisational questions.



In addition, symposia and retreats that are organised in collaboration with the Graduate Centre and/or that are open to doctoral students at the Faculty of Life Sciences are advertised here.

If there is a colloquium, symposium or retreat that is open to all doctoral students at the Faculty of Life Sciences which you think should be advertised here, please share this with the Graduate Centre coordinator.


The following events are open to all doctoral candidates of our Faculty:



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