Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Compensation for disadvantages

If – due to a disability or chronic illness, pregnancy, caring for and raising a child aged ten years or younger, caring for close relatives in need of care pursuant to the German Long-Term Care Act (PflegeZG) or for other valid reasons – a student is unable to complete a piece of coursework or an examination at the intended time, within the intended duration or completion period, at the intended location, in the intended form or in any other intended manner, said student is entitled to compensation for these disadvantages. The compensation is made by specifying another date, an extended duration or completion period, a different location, a different form, granting permission for aids or helpers, or in another suitable way. The Examination Board makes decisions regarding the compensation for disadvantages for final module examinations and final theses, while the lecturers decide on the compensation for disadvantages for coursework, i.e. work that according to the module description has to be completed as part of the lectures, seminars etc., but does not contribute to the calculation of the module mark. In order to compensate for disadvantages for examinations, a written application must be submitted to the Examination Board in all cases. Further advice is provided by the advisory services of Humboldt-Universität or your Examination Office.

Compensation for disadvantages must be requested for specific examinations and cannot be granted over several semesters or the entire study programme.

If the examination board has approved compensation for disadvantages, please inform your examiners of the specific compensation in good time, but at least 4 weeks before the examination date.