Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Degree Certificates

The graduation documents consist of a degree certificate, an academic transcript and a diploma supplement including a detailed academic transcript. The graduation documents are issued in both German and English. Please note that the English version is only valid in conjunction with the German version. If your graduation documents are lost or damaged, see Duplicates. Please ensure that your personal details are stored correctly in AGNES in order to avoid any errors on your graduation documents.

If you have successfully completed all study and examination credits required for the degree, the graduation documents can be issued. Once they are completed, you will be informed via an email from your Examination Office. You do not have to request this email.

Preparing graduation documents is a complex process that takes some time. The graduation documents are issued no later than two months after the last examination in bachelor's degree programmes, and three months after the last examination in master's and other degree programmes. If the thesis is the last examination and cannot be defended in accordance with the subject-specific examination regulations, the date of the last examination shall be the day the thesis is submitted. If the thesis is to be defended, then the date of the defence shall be the date of the last examination. However, the aforementioned deadlines require that all necessary examination documents and grades be presented to the Examination Office in good time.

Provisional graduation documents cannot be issued! If you need proof of your degree before the complete degree documents have been issued (e.g. to apply for a master’s degree), you can have the Examination Office provide you with a final academic transcript (including degree, date of graduation and final grade). In the case of a master's application or similar, please always bear in mind the application procedures for the university to which you are applying.