Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Final attempt at final module examinations

(also: second resit or third attempt): It is not possible to register for final attempts at examinations through AGNES. This must be done in writing at your Examination Office. Please use the following form to do so.

Please note: If a final attempt is failed and therefore no further attempts of passing the final module examination remain, the examination shall be deemed as ultimately failed. If you ultimately fail to pass a final examination of a compulsory module, or if you have exhausted the available options in the relevant catalogue of electives, the degree programme or subject can no longer be successfully completed.

We strongly recommend that you always go through an examination consultation (with the Examination Board or the examiners) before a final attempt at an examination. You have to make this appointment yourself. The appointment will not be arranged by the Examination Office. If your failure to pass the final attempt at the examination would result in your removal from the Register of Students (Exmatrikulation), the procedure for examination consultation must be followed.