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Recognising and transferring credits

If you plan to have study and examination credits recognised and/or competencies achieved outside of university transferred, please use the credit recognition form or the credit transfer form. Please only use the "recognition competences" form if you would like to have competencies achieved outside of university transferred. If you would like to have more than five modules recognised, please also use the annex to the credit recognition form. Please note that the annex is only valid in combination with the credit recognition form. Forms and annexes can be found in the download area.

Study and examination credits: Firstcontact the lecturers of the specific module and have them carry out a subject-specific assessment (equivalence confirmation). To carry out this assessment, the lecturers require the module description and – if the module has already been successfully completed – the performance record. We recommend that you obtain this assessment before completing the module. Secondly, submit the form to the Examination Office for forwarding to the Examination Board. Please attach examination certificates or other performance records if applicable. The Examination Office will contact you regarding the outcome by email to your HU account.

For recognising and transferring credits from the catalogue of interdisciplinary electives, see keyword "Catalogue of interdisciplinary electives (ÜWP)".

Competences acquired outside of higher education can be credited insofar as an equivalence to competences acquired at higher education can be established in terms of content and level. Please submit meaningful evidence for the equivalence test. The evidence must show exactly which activities you have carried out and which competences you have acquired in the process. This can be done, for example, in the form of qualified job references, training regulations or similar documents. It is not sufficient to submit employment or training contracts alone. If you would like to have competences acquired outside of higher education credited to a subject module, the respective module supervisors will carry out the equivalence test. Afterwards, please submit the completed form and the evidence to your examination office. If you would like to apply for credit in the üWP, please submit all documents directly to your examination office. There, the examination board will arrange for the equivalence check to be carried out.

More detailed information on the equivalence of competences can be found in the German Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (DQR).

Note: DQR level 6 = Bachelor, DQR level 7 = Master

An overview of assigned qualifications/qualification types according to the DQR levels can be found here.