Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences

Withdrawing/de-registering from examinations

Regular withdrawal: Examination registrations can be withdrawn up to one week before an examination date or the start of a completion period without reason. As a general rule, students de-register from examinations online via AGNES. To do so, please refer to the information from the AGNES Help-Center. If the online de-registration does not work, please send an email from your HU account to the relevant examination office immediately.

Special withdrawal: If, despite registration and admission, you do not show up for a scheduled examination or if you exceed a completion period (e.g. for an assignment), the examination shall be deemed as failed. This does not apply if you immediately declare your withdrawal from the examination to the examination office both informally and in writing (usually no later than the third working day after the examination date) and provide credible reasons for your withdrawal to the Examination Board. Substantiating evidence must be submitted. If the Examination Board rejects your reason for withdrawal, the examination shall be deemed as failed. In the event of illness, please submit this form to your Examination Office.

Please note that, in the event of illness, you must provide certified confirmation of your inability to sit the examination (i.e. not your inability to work).