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At the End

  1. Exam Registration and Exams
  2. Arbeitsnachweise and Transcript of Records
  3. Learning Agreement "After" and Certificate of Departure


1. Exam Registration and Exams  

Deadlines for Summer Semester 2024

  • First Registration Period: June 15 - 25, 2024
  • First Exam Period: July 15 - August 3, 2024 (oral exams, written exams, take-home-exams)*.


  • Second Registration Period: September 7 - 17, 2024
  • Second Exam Period: October 7 - 12, 2024 (oral exams, written exams, take-home exams)*.

* For term papers, please discuss submission deadline and modalities with your instructors.


Info Video - How to register for exams?


If you are completing entire modules and need a final module exam (MAP) and grade for them, you must register for the exams online on AGNES during the registration period. Please note that registering for a class is not an automatic registration for the exam. Exam registration is mandatory in order to take an exam and receive a grade!

The exam registration information below applies only to the Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities! If you are taking modules at another faculty and want to take an exam there, please inform yourself regarding their registration procedure and deadlines.


Step-by-Step Guide: Exam Registration

  1. Use your SprachLit CC to check if you are completing entire modules and need to take exams. Then ask your lecturer in which of the classes in the module the MAP will take place. Please note that you only have to take one exam per module. This means that you do not have to take an exam in every single class. For term papers you can usually choose in which of the module's seminars you want to write them.
  2. Make sure you have your TAN list (security numbers) as you will need a TAN code to register for each exam. If you do not have a TAN list, please contact the Incoming Team ( or go to their office hours.  
  3. Once you have checked all of this, please follow these instructions to register for your MAPs during the above registration period. It is best to do this as early as possible in case there are any problems. Please note that you also have to register for term papers online on AGNES. Your lecturer will tell you the deadline and the requirements.

In case of problems (e.g. if you cannot find the exam, you do not have your TAN list) please write to the responsible exam office in time before the end of the registration period, so that they can register you manually as an exception. Please write in the e-mail that you are an Erasmus student and include the following information: your matriculation number, course of study, title of class and number, lecturer(s), type of examination, date of examination. Here you can find the e-mail addresses of the examination offices. Please note that Birgit Trettin is responsible for all Erasmus students from the BA and MA programs German, German Literature, German and Historical Linguistics, Linguistics!


If the deadline of the registration period has passed, we unfortunately cannot help you anymore and you will have to take the exam in the second examination period.


Exam Deregistration

If you are unable to take the exam, you can deregister from the exam online until one week before the exam date (deregistration is also explained in the instructions above). A no-show for a registered exam will unfortunately be counted as a fail. Please also let us know if you deregister from an exam or do not take it (even though you are registered) so that we can adjust your SprachLit CC.

► If you do not pass the first time, you can register for the second time (see dates above). 


Failed Exams

If you fail an exam and do not retake it during the second exam period, the failed exam will show up on your Transcript. In this case, you will neither receive the extra ECTS from the exam nor a grade. However, the failed exam is separate from the classes you took as part of the module. If you have received the signatures for your classes on your Arbeitsnachweis, then you still receive the ECTS for these classes. Thus, they will count like single classes without grades.

Exam Accommodation

If you would like to apply for exam accommodation, please let us know as soon as possible. We will help you with the application.


2. Arbeitsnachweise and Transcript of Records 



The Transcript is not created automatically. Thus, if you do not hand in the Arbeitsnachweise (see below), you will not receive a Transcript from us. Please also note that creating your Transcript will take some time since it depends on several departments at HU.


You will receive your Transcript of Records after the end of your stay. The document confirms your ECTS and grades at the Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities.

Please note that the Transcript you will receive from us only shows classes from the Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities as well as üWP courses.


Second course of study at another faculty, Berlin Perspectives or Language Courses at the Language Centre

If you are also enrolled in a second course of study at another faculty, you may receive an extra Transcript from the faculty - please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator of the respective faculty if you have any questions. For Berlin Perspectives or language courses at the Language Centre, you will receive a confirmation of your ECTS and grade directly from the lecturers, which you have to send yourself to your home university for crediting, as these classes will not appear on our Transcript. Thus, in that case, your home university will receive an official Transcript from us (with your ECTS/grades from our Faculty + üWP) and the official certificates from your Berlin Perspectives and Languages Courses forwarded by you.


How to receive your Transcript of Records

The following instructions refer only to Incoming students at the Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities):

  1. For each individual class at our faculty, you must confirm with the instructor's signature that you have passed it and will receive the ECTS. For this purpose, please digitally fill in the attached template "Arbeitsnachweis". If you have taken whole modules, please fill in one table per module. If you have only taken individual classes, please write "Einzelkurse/Single classes" at the top for "Module no./title". You do not have to put exams (MAPs) on the Arbeitsnachweis. Here you can also find a filled out Arbeitsnachweis as an example (LP = ECTS). 
  2. Please print out the completed Arbeitsnachweise and bring them to the last session of your class so that the lecturers can sign them. For lectures (Vorlesungen), you can sign them yourself (except for classes at the Institute of Romance Studies, where lectures are also signed by the lecturers!). If you cannot get signatures in person, the lecturers can also sign digitally. Please make sure that each line per class is filled out completely and that the signatures are on the correct lines. Please also note that the ECTS/LP must match your SprachLit CC. A blank Arbeitsnachweis (with no class information) and signatures only is not valid.
  3. Once all Arbeitsnachweise are completed and signed, please scan them and upload them collectively as a single PDF file (title: Last Name_First Name_Arbeitsnachweise_SoSe24) at the following link:

    Your submitted Arbeitsnachweise must match the SprachLit CC we have from you. If you have deselected classes or exams without telling us, please attach a current SprachLit CC to the PDF. Other, not agreed changes (added classes or exams) are not valid!

    For scanning you can use an appropriate app and for merging PDF files you can use free online tools.

    There is no extra confirmation after uploading. If you have made a mistake, please upload it again with the title Last Name_First Name_Arbeitsnachweise_SoSe24_NEW.


THE DEADLINE FOR UPLOADING YOUR COMPLETE ARBEITSNACHWEISE IS JULY 31, 2024. All documents uploaded later will not be processed until ca. October.


Once everything has been confirmed and your grades are in (if you are taking exams), the exams office will create the Transcript of Records. This will then be forwarded to us and we will e-mail it to you and your home university. Please note that this may take some time, as we also have to wait for your grades. This means, especially if you are writing term papers, this may take longer. Please do not ask us if your grades are already available. We do not have access to your grades. Please contact your instructors directly.


►IMPORTANT: You can only receive your Transcript if you upload the signed Arbeitsnachweise completely and correctly. If you do not do this, you will not be able to receive yourTranscript. There is no deadline for uploading the signed Arbeitsnachweise, but the sooner you upload them, the sooner your Transcript can be generated (provided all grades are available).


If you need your Transcript by a certain date

Please upload your completed Arbeitsnachweise as soon as possible. Then please ask your instructors if they can correct your exams by a certain date. If that works out, please email us with the date you need the ToR by. Please allow enough time between grading and your deadline, as processing your Arbeitsnachweise and creating the Transcript also takes some time (depending on the availability of the exam offices).

►If you have any questions or problems regarding the Arbeitsnachweise or Transcript of Records, please always contact us first and not the examination offices!


3. Learning Agreement "After" and Certificate of Departure

Please note that you receive both documents from your home university to fill out and not from us.


Learning Agreement "After the Mobility" 

For some mobilities a Learning Agreement "After" is required. You can only fill it out after you have received your Transcript since you must list all of the classes/modules you passed as well as your grades. Then you can send it to us and we can sign it digitally. 


If you need a preliminary Learning Agreement "After"

If you need a preliminary Learning Agreement "After" to receive your grant, please let us know. Please note that you must have uploaded your completed Arbeitsnachweise so that we can sign it. Fill out the table with all of the classes you have received a signature for and put “pending” if you took and exam but the grades are not yet in. Send us your filled out LA "After" via e-mail. Once your grades are in, we can also sign a final LA “After” if you need it.

Certificate of Departure

If your home university requires you to fill out a Certificate of Departure (or Certificate of Stay/Attendance), please send us the document with all of your personal information put in. Please put the date of our first in-person orientation event as start date. As end date, put the date of your last in-person exam (term papers do not count here). Then send it to us via e-mail so that we can sign it.